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Translation Help

I've got a mild mission for you guys.

I'm puttering away on the Chapter 8 translation (8 pages left? Somewhere thereabouts.) and I'm stumped as to how to translate a certain kanji.

My first instinct was to call it the Quickening, but no, those are called "Mist Knacks" in the Japanese...

So my options are either: It's the name of a certain spell or something, or there's some kind of combo system I've forgotten about...

Regardless, the most literal meaning of them (them being "接触発動" for those people whose computers can display Japanese) is "touch activation" or something along those lines. It's some kind of magic, but...I just can't find what they called in in the English version.

Even if there is no exact English-version equivalent that you can find, something comparable would be nice... Otherwise I'm just gonna call it "Touch Activation" and that just sounds weird.

Thanks for your help!
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